The information provided on our website is based on publicly available information from the Turkish Government. We have however constructed our site so that the relevant information is easily available and customers can complete an application that is easy to use. The users rely on the information provided herein at their own risk. However, should you find any mistakes on our website you are encouraged to communicate this to our customer service department. We have made every effort to provide the latest up to date information. We review government policies and procedures on a regular basis.

We DO NOT provide any legal advice and we are not affiliated with government officials or attorneys. If you feel you may require legal assistance you are encouraged to contact an appropriately licensed attorney.

Our agents assist in obtaining your Travel Authorization from the Government of Turkey which we then provide to you. Our services include, properly reviewing all of your answers, translating information, assisting with filling out the application and checking the entire document for accuracy, completeness, spelling and grammar review. In addition, we may contact you via email or phone for additional information in order to process the request.

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